Supercharge customer experience by knowing what customer wants and prefer in real time.

By tracking customer activity on the website and receiving insights from social network profile, your sales team would offer right product to the right people!

Analysing social network pages AI predicts interests in different fields

Our AI engine analyse open data about your customers in social networks, such as age, gender, education and qualifications, job and living place, groups and communities, visited events and places.

The data could be used additional to scoring systems and individual-based offers, up-sales and personalised communications.

Psycho type and socionic type based on groups, communities and likes customer made

Social media gives users the opportunity to build an online persona through posting of content such as text, images, links or through interaction with others.

For example, extraverts enjoy interacting with others, have high group visibility and are perceived as energetic. This could lead to extraverts using profile pictures involving other people or where they express more positive emotions.

Financial Institutions

Ecommerce and Retail

Fitness and Insurance

Restaurants and Delivery

Marketing Automation

Campaigns to design and run automated email, SMS or browser push campaigns

Site personalization to adapt what visitors see based on their behavior

Web layers to show pop-up messages to nudge customers into a purchaseand content


Click and Zoom*

Segmentation using website behavior and freely available data from deep network

Recommendations to show visitors desired products and personalized content

Retargeting in Facebook Ads and Real-Time-Bidding platforms