Increase success rate of placements and better fitting jobs to visitors. Improving the reputation of the platform for advertisers by supplying appropriate resumes.


By analysing social behavior and psycho type of the candidate we match interests of employers and seekers for quick first interaction and decreased search cost.

Fraud Detection

Our system keeps track of re-registration and re-placement of ads using technology browser fingerprinting and hashing.

Moreover, if a person is registered under the name John Doe, and his email address is registered under the name of Mary Gerald, then you most likely will be suspected of fraud. Information is available in the deep net.

Candidate validation

Online profiles make it possible to compare the data with the user’s CV’s and find more personal information about the candidate, such as social activities, psychological and personality types.

You will know stress level, political views, team work capabilities and personal interests.

Personalized Job Notifications

Our system can pick better candidates by analyzing the job requirements and ones skill set gathered from their CV and social networks.

Advertising Job Posts

Candidates will automatically connect to the best employer by personalized offers through pop-ups, personal email newsletters and re-targeting on social networks such as LinkedIn.

Visitors to Employees

  • Visitors
  • Appliers

Account-based statistics

Tastes and preferences

Tracking the activity of site visitors, such as page to page transitions and the amount of time spent on the description page of the job, the system evaluates the candidate profile and then proposes him relevant, premium employers.

Premium employers can decrease employment budget by attracting suitable candidates. By using our statistics, employers find it easy to track results resulting in the finalization of the contract.

Cost control

Marketing Automation and Loyalty

Using our technology stack we transformed it to the module for premium advertising companies. Our premium package provides the user with a dashboard that shows visitor traffic and personal profiles. High quality profiles attract recruiting agencies and effectively allocate resources in digital channels.

Our system will identify and notify candidates of opportunities they might have missed in Facebook ads and RTB (Real Time Bidding) platforms.

Look-alike targeting


Upon analysis of publicly available information about the audience, the system displays advertisements to users of social networks taking into account factors such as:

Education and Qualification

Social activity and personality types

      Ability to change the place of work


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“Data Depot DMP just works. With a few clicks we’re able to launch promotional campaigns, targeted messaging, and even run A/B test without any development support.”

 Marketing Director,

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