The main campaign goals:

Our client was seeking a solution for relatively low purchase completion rates.

Using data-based advertising strategy, we set up personalised offers in order to attract new audience on the website.

Afterwards, we collected information about visitors, group them by segments and established retention strategy.

So far we achieved the 55% increase in cart reactivation and 61% conversion rate from first-time visitors to buyers. 



Visitor recognition

Data-based advertising


Contextual Targeting
Social-demographic targeting
Marketing Automation and Offline targeting

Contextual targeting:

Visited at least 4 pages with keywords in 5 days

Reviewed products couple times, but did not proceed to check out

Competitive advertising:

Look for reviews and read the description of similar products


Visitors whose behavior on the Internet similar to the behavior of the most “Effectiveness” site visitors

Read audience mind

We automatically collect: browser/OS hash, geo-IP-location, live actions and visits, page to page migration, linked User IDs and data from your booking/purchase engine.

Our web crawler delivers: social network profile links, gender, age, photo and interests based on feed and signed communities around the Internet.

System analyze data and creates visitors psychotype measuring factors like openness, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness and neuroticism.

Group visitors


Different customers have different needs. It is impossible to run an efficient marketing campaign without knowing who are you targeting.

A proper segmentation allows you to differentiate message, channel and timing according to needs and wishes of your audience.

We grouped audience by preferences:

Electronics      Home Decor       For pets

Retention strategy

Marketing Automation and Loyalty

Campaigns to design and run automated email, SMS or browser push campaigns

Site personalization to adapt what visitors see based on their behavior

Web layers to show pop-up messages to nudge customers into a purchase

Recommendations to show visitors desired products and content

Retargeting in Facebook Ads and Real-Time-Bidding platforms


With a help of   ,

we send personalised delights through the post to increase customer engagement, loyalty, and retention.

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“Data Depot DMP just works. With a few clicks we’re able to launch promotional campaigns, targeted messaging, and even run A/B test without any development support.”

 Marketing Director,

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