A device fingerprint or machine fingerprint or browser fingerprint

 is information collected about a remote computing device for the purpose of identification. Fingerprints can be used to fully or partially identify individual users or devices even when cookies are turned off.

Passive fingerprinting occurs without obvious querying of the client machine. These methods rely upon precise classification of such factors as the client’s TCP/IP configuration, OS fingerprint, IEEE 802.11 (wireless) settings, and hardware clock skew. Collection of device fingerprints from web clients (browser software) relies on the availability of JavaScript.

Active fingerprinting is the most active method is installation of executable code directly on the client machine. Such code may have access to attributes not typically available by other means, such as the MAC address, or other unique serial numbers assigned to the machine hardware.

Fraud Detection. Whether it’s new account fraud or account take over cases you always want to know device data to help you make decisions.

We are there to help media companies to deal with unwanted and sometimes violent language in their ecosystem principles.

Money transfers and online lending is a growing business. Our API to help you with compliance rules using Device and IP Insight.

Once you know you can trust the device offering customers more options to pay, remove 3DS or any other control will increase your revenue and happy customers.

We are offering multilayer fingerprinting API, collecting information through passive and active layers.

Our ability is to collect data through passive and active channels and even from hybrid and native mobile apps through mobile SDK.

We are aggregating device and network related risk information, attributes and keeping track of velocity.

It’s important to verify that the attributes which are sent towards us are genuine – for that we are utilizing samples received across all merchants.

We are constantly updating information about various networks: TOR exit/guard nodes, proxy/VPN service providers, server farms and botnet.