Data Depot BRAND strategies

Advertising campaigns. Increase awareness and trust in the brand, support the launch of new products/services.

Data Depot TRAFFIC strategies

Focus on appropriate audience and attract to website.

Data Depot ACTION strategies

Increase user attention and attract new users

Data Depot Real-time Brand Lift

How useful is your advertising campaign? Let us provide you with statistics.

Target audience using Data Depot technology stack

In order to make the right people see your media ads at the right moment, we use our predictive technology, online behavior data and proved offline data. With 85% accuracy we know gender, age, income level and shopping preferences of social network active people in Europe, Asia and USA.

This means that we can precisely target online ads based on user’s online and offline behavior and predict actions of the target audience, choosing the users that are most likely to make a purchase.

Show ads only to real people

By 2015 bots have become so sophisticated, that their actions at the advertiser’s website can hardly be distinguished from the actions of real people. According to Bloomberg some ad campaigns might include up to 90% of bots. We have found an anti-fraud solution: there are no bots in Data Depot ads — all user profiles are vetted by offline data.

Brand’s target audience reach in all digital channels

The Data Depot platform allows us to launch ad campaigns on desktop and mobile devices, including video channels and social networks. We will address the right audience for the particular advertiser in 100,000 resources including premium websites and major video nets.

We use Brand Safety technology to protect the brand from negative content.

We know exactly how our campaigns affect brand awareness

After just one week after an image campaign launch at Data Depot platform you will know in a percent correlation how brand awareness has grown after ad views. This information is available to you at no additional cost. System allows us to not only estimate the efficiency of the channel and audience, but also to optimize ad campaigns based on the growth of brand awareness.