Commercial bank wanted to decrease the waiting time and increase customer service level.

By implementing face-catching cameras, our visitor recognition engine started to match customer faces and gather free available information from social networks to the customer service agent tablet.

Based on psychotype and interests, agent is ready to offer the most personalized service to customer in a second. Our psychotype model include data like openness, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness and neuroticism.



Customer loyalty and up-sales



Visitor recognition, account-based sales, online+offline

System receives over 400 000 requests daily from 300 branches across Eastern Europe

Thanks to our  partners for providing hardware solution in order to achieve the fastest response time in the market.

Camera captures the customer's face and matches with the bank photo store

Customer service agent receives notification that the customer has entered the branch

Queuing system matches the customer to the most suitable agent making communication personal

Based on customer profile, up selling targeted towards the customer interests and needs

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“Data Depot DMP just works. With a few clicks we’re able to launch promotional campaigns, targeted messaging, and even run A/B test without any development support.”

 Marketing Director,

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